An old saying that means you shouldn't talk about that anymore, or do that anymore, because it's not doing any good. I guess this is the same as beating a dead horse, but having never beat a dead horse, I wouldn't particularly know. I suppose if you beat on anything that's already dead, it's rather pointless. THAT's the word. Beating a dead horse means stop doing whatever it is you're doing because it's pointless to go on and on about it. I mean you made your point. Why keep running it into the ground?

Some examples of beating a dead horse include:

  • Going after an ex-girlfriend after she's already started dating someone else, called you several dirty names, and threatened to call the cops because she thinks you're stalking her. Going on after that point would be like beating a dead horse.
  • Explaining something to someone who doesn't care anyway but hasn't given you the favorable response you were looking for in the first place.
  • Attempting to convert an atheist to Christianity, or anything for that matter.
  • Stating your opinion about how XP and reputation and voting in E2 and all that works, when you notice that every time you post something like that you get downvoted into the lower pits of Hell. No one cares. No one's listening to you. It's like beating a dead horse.
  • Coming up with examples of beating a dead horse long after you've run out of ideas.

the preceding was an attempt to salvage an empty node.

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