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I won't let you go, because I remember what it was like before. Before all the shared looks, and secret smiles. Before I loved you. Because I remember the love when it was new (it's still new, but our bodies grow old around it). Because, for me, the hugs and awkward embraces were more; because the innocent brushes of hand against cheek are still fresh in my mind, and because I think that secretly, our minds walk hand in hand down a side street... smiling at the warm May weather on our way to get hand-made ice cream downtown, even when our bodies are entwined in the throes of an unspent worldly passion.

I won't let you go, because I need you. Because you are the first person I've let entirely inside; the first person who knows my faults as clearly as I do, and my virtues as well. Because I rely on you for your support and guidance, and because you show me where my strong points are and encourage me to use them. Because you never fail in telling me when something I am doing is wrong.

I won't let you go, because I love you. Because the love is overwhelming in it's depth and width, comforting in its magnitude, and binding in its power. Because it makes me feel miniscule and titanic, and the balance makes me human.

I love you, and I won't worry about you, or me, or how things will work out. I won't worry, because I could take a handful of this love and run forever... (how much greater than, is God's love? How limitless?) I could take any moment of my time with you, and frame it as a a picture on the wall, and it would be worth more than all the words of all the worlds. I won't worry, because this love is sanctified by God... and we can trudge through the human aspects of that love when we get there. I won't worry, because there is nothing I can say or do right now that will change the outcome for better or worse.

Likewise, I won't leave you. I will do anything in my power to help you to become whoever you want to be. I will support you in everything you do, tell you when you are wrong, help you where you need help, and stand by you where you need only to be strong. I will hold you when you are alone, give you space when you are crowded, and face the world with you. I will love you, and I will whole-heartedly allow you to love me. I won't let you battle your demons alone. I won't BE one of your demons. I won't do anything that might cause you to fall from grace, and if I do, I will do anything in my power to counteract the effects. I will pray for you... and I will love you with all that I am.

Because I love you.

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