If I had a giant friend made entirely out of bubble gum, I’d introduce him to Mr M, my pet red M&M I carry around everywhere with me. Together they’d keep me warm and safe from the Nasties and spit in their eyes. I have a list I keep beside my bed of them, and every night I read that list out loud and repeat over and over “I’m going to cover you in marmalade and strap you to a fire-ant mound” in my head. This is quickly followed by switching the bedroom light on and off exactly 37 times after washing my hands with soap, detergent and industrial antiseptic before bed. I feel somewhat relieved, however, that I have not come across any crazies yet.

My personal ritual.

1) make a large mug of herbal tea. Make sure it's caffeine free.
2) straighten up a bit. This means making the bed, putting a little febreze on the blankets and pillows, and picking up any miscellaneous crap that's gathered through the day.
3) have something mild to eat, a light healthy snack. I normally choose fruits or a slice of cinnamon toast.
4) drink tea, slowly.
5) have meds melatonan, etc.
6) kneel at foot of bed, say quick prayer.
7) crawl into your nest, being sure to get comfortable.
If like me you use a white noise maker, a cd and/or screen reader, turn them on at this time.

Sweet dreams.

note: warm milk also works reasonably well when combined with melatonan. It's a hell of a supplement, perfect for when you've yet again screwed up your days and nights and college starts in a week.

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