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Flavorful. Highly seasoned, marinaded beef meatballs. Many different ingredients can be added into this. Steamed makes it healthier than the typical dim sum dish. Without any ingredients, these would be plain steamed beef meatballs. I like mine with some vinegar.


Marinade Cooking
  1. Soak fruit peel until soft and cut it finely; cut water chestnuts into pellets; chop beef, add marinade to whip it up a bit, add water chestnuts and fruit peel to stir well and freeze them for 2 hours.
  2. Cut the dried bean milk rolls into small pieces, deep-fry them in boiling oil for a while and soak them in water until soft.
  3. Make the beef into the shape of balls, place them on the dried bean milk rolls padded in a plate and steam them over high heat for 7 minutes until cooked.

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