I woke, not in a leisurely fashion, as usual, struggling slowly through layers of sleep, but instantly, my eyes flung wide and my heart pounding.

There was a dew of perspiration along my upper lip, my skin was tingling and flushed, and I was breathing shallowly, quickly.

It was a strange feeling, but pleasant, and I assumed at first that I had been dreaming, as I seldom remember my dreams, but often wake from them suddenly.

However, as full conciousness arrived, I realised that couldn't be it. When I wake from a dream the quilt is always thrown off, at least partially, and the bed looks like a battleground from my tossing and turning. This time though, the bedding was undisturbed and the sheet barely wrinkled.

I couldn't understand it, until I remembered.

This was the day he was arriving.

Him. The man in my life. My lover.

This was the way I always felt when he was near.

I smiled, sank back in the pillows and blessed my subconcious

And as my conscious thoughts caught up with my body's reactions, I lay there, relaxed and happy, planning forty-eight hours of bliss, and I purred.

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