Begin transmission:

After our little pit stop the whole mutant clan stumbles back into the vehicles and once again takes to the road. The terrain here is different than what we know, it is a foreign presence to us even though we've visited before. It's like being uncomfortable in a distant aunt's house to me, and now we're here with a purpose.

Sally glances over at me inscrutably as I make a phone call to MaryBeth. I often have a hard time telling what Sally is thinking, but I like that and wink over at her as the phone gives me a busy signal and I slip it back into its holster. We should have gotten those flip phones, but the simplest approach is usually the type of thing we think of last.

Shifting in my seat I can feel the assorted knives I have press against my ribs. I'm not sure if it comes down to it if I can use them, but they give that reassuring pressure right now and I grin as Chris and Rob weave a little on the road ahead. I could see us getting pulled over by some dumbass state cop and that being the end of the affair or some sort of escalation of matters that might be out of hand already.

Ah well, no time for doubts. I pull up next to Rob and Chris and glance over while they make their assorted funny faces. Slipping around them I pull behind the bus, light up a little cherry cigar and then stub it out as Sally starts bitching.

A hard rain is gonna fall.

End Transmission.

--Letters from a Savior; Offer for a few--


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