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The Belzer Hasidim are a Hasidic sect named after the Galician town of Belz. Its founder was the 19th century Rabbi Sholom Rokeach. The sect was originally founded as a Hasidus and not an official congregation (the distinction is very very subtle) so that its Rabbi provided more spiritual and less political guidance.

Belzer Rebbis were often known for miracle working. Leadership of the Belzer Hasidim is inherited, instead of being passed on by one Rebbi to his most promising pupil. The current Belzer Rebbi is Rabbi Dov Rokeach. The Belzer Hasidic community is currently concentrated in Bnei Brak, Israel, where it relocated to during and after the Holocaust. There is a Belz'e neighborhood, "Kiryat Belz'e", in Jerusalem as well, and one in Montreal, Canada.

In the early 80's, Rabbi Rokeach established a policy of instructing his followers to vote for members of the Israeli Knesset. This led to a deep and angry rift between the Belzers and the Satmar Hasidim, who believe that the Jewish state in Israel should be afforded no such legitimacy.

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