If someone ever says they want to hurt me, I'll just say, "Do anything you want! Just don't break my thumbs!" Being stupid, they will try that first. They'll take my thumb, and bend it until it is straight, then give it a sharp blow backwards. I'll scream and writhe in agony, and they'll leave, thinking they got me good.

But my thumbs bend backwards anyway, so it really doesn't hurt. Fools!

You see - well, ok, so you're reading. Anywho - my thumbs, both of them, can be bent backwards at their joint greater than 180 degrees (past 270, in fact). I still have muscle control over the complete range of movement, too, so I can provide some resistance for the thumb breakers right before the 'snap'.

Some people are weirded out by this, so I usually put them at ease by making the mcdonald's M by putting my palms facing toward them, and pressing my thumbs together. (I hope mcdonalds won't sue, I've been doing that trick for years.)

Oh, and those of you intent on breaking my thumbs - pretend you didn't read this, ok?

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