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He came to the door with the least likely expression of love. A look somewhere between melancholy and confusion. The sun shone off his black hair with a glare that caused me to squint when I looked at him. It was as if he were glowing from the inside out. I opened the door and careful not to let him in stepped to the porch to get a better view.

My mom had given me strict instructions not to go outside but this was something that begged for all obedience to be suspended. I knelt down as the finest black labrador puppy I had ever laid eyes on jumped up and licked my face and knocked me to the ground. We ran into the back field and chased quail in the underbrush till supper. It was the best time I can remember. With no responsibilty but to have a good time. Surely my mom would understand the need for such reckless behavior.

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