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My sister and I were on our way to Newark, NJ from Toronto, Canada. We were in this mountainous area with beautiful winding roads and the lot. A car commercial. I was clippin along the interstate at a nice pace, 140km/h (a bit less than 80 miles an hour). I believe the posted limit was 65 or 55. We had been following a black (or dark green) Jeep Cherokee who was going the same speed. I was beginning to like the fellow, seeing as how most of the cars I passed along the way did not want to keep up.

Little did we know.

We came up to a formation of cars blocking both lanes. One's front bumper was aligned with the other rear bumper, a moving roadblock.

Black Cherokee passes them, either tailing the guy on the left away or cutting through them. I do the same. Immediately clear of these two, black cherokee slows down to a snail pace- 40 miles/hour. I match him, thinking (har) that he has a radar detector or something.

Impatience clicks in and I decide he is going too slow. I proceed to pass him in the right lane and as I go by he whips out a dinky police sign, holding it up against the right window of his ride.

I didn't notice it the first time. I had gotten by him and was thinking about other things already when my sister goes, "police!" and I'm like, "where?"

"That car, that guy!"

"Oh shit!" as the cherokee was pulling up on my left, proudly showing off the dinky little badge of authority.

I slow down to the speed limit and to my surprise (and relief) he speeds off at 140. Must have had bigger fish to fry.

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