"A Biblical Game of Fun and Faith!"

One of the best-selling Christian board games of all time, Bibleopoly is an unashamed rip-off of Monopoly, in which most of the familiar aspects of that game - for example street names, "Go To Jail", "Pass Go" etc., are replaced by names or actions with a more Christian flavour. The actual gameplay is almost identical to the original Monopoly, except that in order to teach a more 'Christian' lesson (didactic board games, anyone?) players must co-operate with each other to some extent in order to win. Also, an average game apparently takes only an hour, as the object of the game is not to bring your other players to financial ruin or send them to Hell (which might be more fun), but simply to be the first to build a church in one of the Bible cities.

Amusing Differences To Monopoly

  • Instead of GO, players start (of course!) "In The Beginning". No, I'm serious.
  • Instead of houses and hotels, players build churches.
  • Some co-operation is required - in order to begin building a church, you have to get a cornerstone, which requires that you help another player or do "community service".
  • Instead of Going To Jail, you "Go Meditate!"
  • Street names are replaced with Biblical cities and locations
  • The "Chance" cards are now "Faith" cards (remember children, God does not play dice with the universe)
  • A certain amount of Bible knowledge is a help - some of the cards contain instructions such as "Recite John 3:16 or miss a turn"
  • The railways (or Airports, depending on which version of Monopoly you have played) are now "Abysses"
  • When one player wins (finishing their church first), the other players all move to that square and have a party, during which the church is 'named'.

As always with religion, and particularly Christianity, there is no need for satire, because the reality is always even weirder and funnier than anyone's imagination.

Further Gameplay Directions

If you enjoyed Bibleopoly, you may well enjoy the following Christian 'modifications' of best-selling games:

Note: apparently "Bibleopoly" was also the debut single of Sassi and Loco.

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