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BBVD helped revive swing and big band music in the 90s. They formed in 1992, playing the Los Angeles lounge circuit. Then in 1996 the movie Swingers happened. This movie showed a bit of the growing lounge scene, including BBVD at The Derby (IIRC). The soundtrack to Swingers included a BBVD track. Swingers grew in popularity and so did BBVD. In 1997 they released two albums themselves, a self-titled album and What'chu Want for Christmas. Then they signed with Capital Records which lead to their major-label debut the self-titled Big Bad Voodoo Daddy (not the same as the self-released s/t album).

BBVD's popularity kept growing and they played the Super Bowl Half-Time show in 2000. They have been on several more soundtracks and commercials.

The Band:
Scotty Morris- lead vocals
Glenn "The Kid" Marhevka - trumpet
Kurt - drums
Andy - sax
Dirk - bass
Karl - sax
Josh - piano
This Beautiful Life -- Interscope Records (1999)
s/t -- Coolsvile Records/EMI (1998)
What'chu Want for Christmas -- self-released (1997)
I've seen them twice live once at The Galaxy and once at Mississippi Nights. Both shows were awesome, but the second was better for me because it was a weekend, I could see the band better, and I meet The Kid before the show. He was just walking through the crowd I don't think anybody recognized him. This was before they were on TV as much.


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