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For those fans of reality television glued to their seats by Big Brother and The Mole, you’ll be disappointed to hear that the latest reality TV show has been cancelled six weeks before its first season would have ended.

Nicknamed "Fat Brother", Big Diet aired on German TV station RTL-2 and followed a group of twelve obese people, six men and six women, struggling to lose weight. In the action packed show, cameras followed them to the gym, the doctor, and watched them eat carefully planned diets of 1200 calories a day. Those who failed to lose enough weight would be kicked off the show.

Greeted with a colossal yawn by viewers, the first host, no dummy, jumped ship after only two weeks. So don’t expect to see this on your TV anytime soon.

I think this is the show’s home page, but I’m not sure since I don’t sprechen: http://bigdiet.sbsnet.nl

I am not making this up.

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