A Photoshop 4.0 Easter egg.

I first encountered this Easter egg after about 10 hours of straight programming. After finishing up my program I decided to mess around in Photoshop. Apparently my alt key got stuck at some point which can cause a whole lot of strange things to happen if you don't know it's stuck. Attempting to get in photoshop was difficult because everytime I double clicked on the icon I would get the properties for the shortcut instead of the program. Sometimes Windows does this if I haven't rebooted in awhile so I just right clicked on the shortcut and selected open (too lazy to reboot at the time). Instead of the normal Photoshop splash screen I was blessed with a psychotic looking blue cat and instead of "Photoshop 4.0" it said "Big Electric Cat". This both confused and frightened me. I figured I was going crazy from sleep deprivation and staring at the screen too long. I turned my machine off and went to sleep worrying that my computer was infected with a virus by the Joker or something.

To invoke the Big Electric Cat do the following:

1. Start Photoshop
2. While holding down the Alt key select About Photoshop... from the Help menu.

You should see a crazy picture of a blue cat in place of the normal photoshop splash screen.

But wait, there's more.

The Big Electric Cat comes equipped with many odd witticisms for your amusement. To display them you must invoke the Big Electric Cat Easter egg and then do the following:

1. Wait for the credits to start scrolling.
2. Hold down the Alt key.
3. Click on the big eye of the cat.
4. (keeping the Alt key pressed) Hold down the Ctrl key
5. Release the Alt key.
6. Release the Ctrl key.

A few of the witticisms you will see upon doing this:
There are some better ones than these...I'll leave them up to you to read.

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