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An anagram game at boxerjam.com.

In this game, you are given an apt anagram of the name of a famous person. (If the tabloid stories about Elvis Presley were true, then lives would be an apt anagram of Elvis, although the game normally uses full names.)

There are also three anagrammed clues of about 5 to 9 letters long.

When you manage to properly arrange the letters in one of the clues, the first letter of the clue is copied into its correct position in the name of the person. (This can sometimes help to figure out a clue word by limiting its first letter.)

After a while, you can click a button to reveal the initial letters of the person's name. This gives you up to 5 letters (6 for a three-named person) in the name, and the lengths of the names.

You have to solve all the anagrams to complete the game. If you figure out the name early, use it as a clue to solve the remaining "clue" anagrams. You have to complete the puzzle within the time limit to be recorded as a power puzzler for this puzzle.

Sometimes some of the clues anagram into multiple words. If the game creators thought of the alternates on a particular day, you'll get a note indicating that you spelled a valid word but it is not the one they are looking for. My experience on this is mixed; sometimes they mark alternate words and sometimes not.

There is one of these puzzles each day, and they are saved for a week.

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