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A month of bicycle-related activities and events, Bikesummer started in San Francisco in 1999 to promote biking, to gather people, and to have a good time. People travel to Bikesummer from all over the world. In 2002, Bikesummer was hosted by bike enthusiasts in {Portland], Oregon.

The Bikesummer Steering Committee promotes and develops a calendar of events each year. Local and non-local groups and individuals plan events and activities - everything from Bicycle Ballet to safety workshops.

We are working to introduce more people to the joy of cycling because we believe that the increased use of bicycles is essential to building community.

Having more bikes on our roads (and fewer cars!):

  • reduces the need for asphalt infrastructure development
  • improves the health of riders and those around them who benefit from reduced pollution
  • allows riders to connect with each other as they ride along--even if they don't know each other!
  • creates safer streets for children and pedestrians
  • reclaims the streets for human use, not merely machines
  • reduces stress and anxiety
  • empowers individuals to be less reliant on oil and corporations
  • saves money, which can allow individuals to spend that money on education, healthy foods, to work less, travel to see loved ones, etc.
  • encourages a healthy society and environment overall!

For more information visit bikesummer.org

Bike Summer is an annual month-long celebration of all things to do with bicycles, occurring in a different north american city every year.

This year, in August 2002, Bike Summer is happening in Portland, Oregon. People from all over the country are showing up and riding around doing cool bike things. There are many many events happening, often 2 or 3 or 4 in one evening! These events include things like depaving workshops, bike repair classes, bike parades, the Bridge Pedal, 2 Bike-in movies (one of which uses bikes to power the projector!), a Portland radical history tour... and lots more!

One of the important things about bike summer is that anyone is free to organize and execute a bike-related event during the month and have it be included in the overall calendar. It's a very decentralized, non-hierarchic organization.

for more info, see bikesummer.org.

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