Binhead is a pot smoking game, apparently invented by a bunch of slacker students in Manchester, England. It goes by other names, so I've been told, but I am yet to find these out.

To play binhead, you will need a pint glass, a five pence piece (or coin of similar size, basicaly the smallest one you can find)a packet of king size skins and a pre-determined forfeit (this can be harsh or not, usually when introducing people to binhead, I use a not so harsh but still funny forfeit like 'Tin-foil head' or 'Herbs-in-mouth').

Join the king size skins in an arrangement so that it forms a membrane over the pint glass and fasten it down tightly with an elastic band/hair band. Place the five pence (or similar-sized coin) in the centre of the membrane, and skin up about three to four joints (depending on the skill of the players).
Finally, decide your forfeit...

The game is now ready to commence.

The first person to go sparks the spliff, takes a drag, burns a hole in the membrane, then passes it on to the next person (always clockwise). The next person does the same thing, and so on...

Whoever makes the five pence drop into the pint glass loses the game and has to do the predetermined forfeit.

An example of a forfeit can be seen at ; ;
This is the 'Tinfoilhead' forfeit.

Wow, binhead. I am or rather was one of those slacker students from Manchester. It was not invented by us, but we gave it this name. It is also known as the Rizla Game and was allegedly played by James Bond, although I have yet to confirm this.

There is an "official" website, which details a list of forfeits:

* Binhead
*Bread in mouth
*Kitchen utensil man
*Nasal Cone taped up eyes
*Tin foil head
*Shoe hands
*Make tea and coffee
*Paper William Tell
*Blindfold man
*Extreme closeup
*Face of hair
Boiled face snog old lady, teeth in mouth live in bin
*Mummified head
*Stuff on person
*Speak in tongues
*Gurn on cue
*"Face in sink
*Pile on person
*Sugar in mouth
*Under furniture
*Tongue trap
*Free phone cucumber
*I'm a fantastic shag
*Draw on person
*Phone Glasdon
*Wear clothes horse
Flaming chair table in teeth walk around break plates on head
Straight jacket
*Crossed arms in shirt
Drink from scum glass
*Maggot man
*Remote control torture
Blue tack eyes
Constant spell casting
Burned head snog old wizzard with long nose dragon in mouth live in fantasy world
Go on quest
Binhead walk around block
*Cling film head
*Speak like bif
*Only elbows
*To be domineid and requied by everyone
*Strategic cellotape
Spatula in mouth
*Monkey man
*Fake poo face
*Big Baby
*Glass eyes
Dedushka Dobrokhot, please come into my house and tend the flocks
*Jif lemon in mouth
*Mustard vinegar tongue
*Wrapped in curtain
*Rizla face
*Holotropic you spin me right round
*You spin me right round
*Phone Anjelus
*Rub it in my face
*Ring Malcombe
Sell Stygian steel
Ride down street on trycicle - laugh into the night
Laugh into the night

*Maggot man curd in mouth trapped tongue stand on head
*Raw Sweet n sour in mouth
Ciggarette in eye
Pissing into the wind
Pretend your Jeff
Brick william tell
Acid bath
Slug up nose
Poo face
Head/knuckles in door
Crotch of fire
Proclaim love to Arthur
Anything to do with Narf, the filthmonger
Anal beads
Cucumber up arse
Shaved eyebrows
Snog bin old lady in mouth
Whipped back, crown of thorns, crucification, son of God
Pretend your little lord PompleRoy
Say what your thinking
Become God, destroy universe
Locked in room with McCoy from Start Trek
*Wicker bin head, come up on acid,in strange house,surrounded by strangers quoting from Dracula, binhead virgin

This was copied from the site, and maintains the original manuscripts spelling.

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