The culture of the Bionicle series is closely related to our own. Economy, , infrastructure, entertainment and even military. Each Matoran village has its own unique sport, culture, craftsman ship, likes and hates and military specialty. Here is a description of some of the villages:

Ta-Koro - The city of Ta-Koro is housed within the Mangai Volcano. Many residents in Ta-Koro enjoy the sport of Lava Boarding, a dangerous, yet fun, sport to the Ta-Koronan resident. Ta-Koro also has the best trained gaurd of all the Villages. Led by Jala, the Gaurd has made use of two weapons instead of one: The two-pronged spear, and the Disk. Ta-Koronans are used to heat and hate cold. Ta-Koro is closely linked to Onu-Koro, and is right next door to Ga-Koro. The borders of Ta-Koro, or Ta-Wahi, consists of magma filled wastelands and a charred forest.

Ga-Koro - This city is centered on the coast of Lake Naho. Ga-Koronans are all female. Ga-Koro residents enjoy fishing, weaving and Naglawa, or boat, racing. Ga-Koro probably has the most unique architectual structure compared to the other cities. The Buildings are built out of a elastic but strong seaweed, giving them structural flexability and integrity. The buildings are kept afloat by pumps. A Tarakava, or water lizard, destroyed these pumps once, but was quickly defeated by Gali and the pumps were repaired. Ga-Koronan residents hate hot places. Ga-Wahi consists of the outskirts of Ga-Koro. Ga-Koro's most famous acomplishment was a statue of the Kanohi Kaukau.

Onu-Koro - Onu-Koro is the Moria of Mata-Nui. Onu-Koro produces mass quantities of lightstone and protodermis. Onu-Koro probably has the greatest economic strength and importance, due to their production of natural resources. Onu-Koronans have one main sport that they enjoy: Ussal Crab Races. Ussal Crabs are a commodity in Onu-Koro mainly for racing and protection. They are also used to aid in mining. Onu-Koro has constant problems with the adjacent Ta-Koro, since sometimes stray lava veins will get in the way of mining. Onu-Wahi is a deep network of caves, inhabited by dangerous Kofo-Jaga. Onu-Koro also has the most unique defense. The Ussalry, which consists of Matoran Disk Hurlers mounted on Ussal Crabs.

Le-Koro - Le-Koro is the jungle city of Mata-Nui. The Jungles of Le-Koro consists of vines and swamp. The Le-Koronans are constantly swinging through the trees, hooting and squalling. Le-Koro is probably the most primative of the 6 cities, due to the fact they speak in a special type of slang and they lack certain words. Le-Koronans keep a type of bird called a Kewa for their defensive air-force and sport. Kongu, their leader, keeps a special type of Kewa for his own use. The Le-Koronans constantly get attacked by the nearby Nui-Rama Hive. The Nui-Rama in one raid took the Turaga Matau and the Toa Lewa. Lewa was later saved when Onua removed his infected mask. Le-Wahi contains mostly swamps and trees.

Po-Koro - Po-Koro is the great desert city of Mata-Nui. Po-Koro is an active trading and sport center. Po-Koro's most famous attraction is the annual Koli Football game. Koli is the Bionicle variant of Soccer. The most popular model of Koli is Comet. Huki is the 3 time champion of Koli and Gaurd Captain. Po-Koro has many famous stone carvings, including the Path of Prophecies that leads up to the gates of Po-Koro, carved by Hafu, the great stone carver. Po-Koro sells its carvings to the other Cities for house decorations. Po-Koro has close ties with the city of Ga-Koro both in trade and freindship. Po-Wahi consists of an Endless desert.

Ko-Koro - Ko-Koro is the most isolated of the cities, being built on top of Mt. Ihu. Ko-Koronans are the most educated of the cities, believing only in silence and wisdom. Nothing much else is known about Ko-Koro. Ko-Wahi is a barren snow covered waste land.

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