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Biotech Comix 1983 $1.50
H.T. Philbrick and Associates
Box 585 Bar Harbor Maine 04609

This is a feminist's comic book. The cover features a woman snuggled up to a 6-foot tall teddy bear, holding an M-16, saying "Another blasted helicopter! Guess I'd better go pop it off...."

The story details the efforts of "Victoria Topple M.D., distinguished genetic scientist at the famous research hospital in New York City, the Sloat Skittering." She decides to create a replacement for her various flawed lovers. The final product is a giant teddy bear. All her friends want one, so she starts making more of them. How does her (male) boss take this?

"I want to talk to you, Dr. Topple, about those 50,000 jars with those weird animals in them that are taking up most of the space on Perkins 10."
"Oh yes? I thought you wanted to talk about my new strain of selective anthrax. The one that kills only communists..."
"Oh... well... yes... ahem.. I did... of course. And those animals in the jars are charming. Grow as many as you like."

With the bears, many women decide that men are superfluous, and leave their unsatisfying homes and jobs, to live in "bear communities." This leads to the breakdown of society, with no one to do scut work in offices, factories, hospitals, etc. All of which is graphically portrayed.

The book ends with a tag for a sequel, as the last vestiges of the hierarchical patriarchal male-dominated military prepare for an all-out war. However, the various branches are fighting over the small amount of pie remaining:
"We can't fight suicidal soviet bears without the improved Cobra Belly 7-17-MR2!"
"What? Another stupid tank! We don't need tanks! We need to develop the new triple strategic S.N.A.K. Snappo Twin Poppos!"
"Oh f**k your S.N.A.K. Poppos! Give us ...."

The Author's Message is laid on somewhat thick, as is the sex & violence, but is still milder than in your average underground comic. It certainly was a change from the teenage themes typically found in Marvel or DC Comics.

I'm not making this up; Mike Hughes bought a copy; see http://fp.tcsn.net/mycues/&home/me/likes/no1s.htm

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