A super hero published by Marvel Comics. Black Bolt first appeared in Fantastic Four #45.

Black Bolt is the monarch of the Inhumans, a forced genetic offshoot of the human race created by the alien Kree. The Inhumans decided to allow the most genetically advanced of their race to be their ruler. Many of their race possess superhuman powers due to their exposure to the Terrigan Mist, a substance that causes rapid genetic advancement.

The former king of the Inhumans, Agon, used the Terrigan Mist to expose the embryo of his unborn son. Because of this exposure, Agon's son, Blackagar Boltagon possessed extrordinary powers. He was able to harnass the free electrons around him to enhance his strength and to fly, as well as to channel them into an energy blast through the use of the two-pronged antenna on his forehead. An unfortunate side effect of these powers, however, was that anytime Agon's son spoke, it caused massive shockwaves. For this reason, Black Bolt, as he came to be known, spent his early years in a sound proof chamber, away from contact with most other Inhumans.

When he became an adult, Black Bolt left the confines of his sound proof room. Soon, after leaving however, he was forced to use his powers to disable a fleeing Kree ship. The Kree had been in contact with Black Bolt's younger brother Maximus who had been working with the Kree to enslave the Inhumans. Black Bolt used his voice to stop the Kree from leaving. Unfortunately, the ship crashed into the parliment building where his parents were. The crash killed both his parents and Black Bolt reluctantly accepted the leadership of the people. The use of his voice also had another effect. Maximus, his brother, was caught in the backlash of the sound and was driven mad by it.

For years to come, Black Bolt and the members of the royal family lead the Inhumans. Their capital city of Attilan was eventually affected by the pollution of the humans and had to be sealed off from the rest of the world by a force shield. During this time, Medusa, Black Bolt's love, wandered away from the city having been struck with amnesia. The royal family searched her and eventually came into contact with the Fantastic Four.

Black Bolt has lead the Inhuman population through a number of attempts by Maximus to take the throne from him. Some of these attempts have been successful for a time, but Black Bolt has always regained the throne.

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