A manga (and later anime) by the late Osamu Tezuka about the adventures of the title character, a brilliant yet somewhat unorthodox surgeon. Dr. Tezuka himself graduated from medical school (although he never practiced). As a result, the medical descriptions in the comic are very accurate.

In the manga, Black Jack is a world-renowned surgeon. In fact, he has the reputation of being the best surgeon in the world. Patients from all over the world come to see him, even though he charges exhorbinant fees for his work - sometimes much more than the patients could afford. Because of those high fees, the medical professionals in Japan refuse to grant him a medical license. He can never practice legally, and the other doctors often try to shut him down for good.

Black Jack himself feels perfectly justified in charging those high fees. Once he accepts a patient, he goes to great lengths to make sure that the operation is successful. Often, his own life is put into danger because of that. He isn't uncaring of his patients.

The manga details his adventures while explaining bits of his past - why he grew up an orphan, why he decided to become a doctor, why he calls himself 'Black Jack' and lives alone at the edge of a cliff, and why he seeks revenge on certain individuals who caused pain in his childhood. The manga explains how Black Jack 'created' his adopted daughter Pinoco. Also in the manga, there is another doctor, called Kiriko, who is a expert on euthanasia. He and Black Jack are often fighting over patients - one trying to kill them while the other is trying to save them.

This manga is definitely one of Dr. Tezuka's best work.

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