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Craps No More is a casino dice game that is based on the more familiar game of Craps. In some locations the game is called No Craps Craps. I've only seen this game in the casinos of Missouri and Mississippi (and in various on-line casinos), but I suspect that it will soon be spotted all over once more gaming managers learn of its success.

The major differences in Craps No More and "regular" Craps:

  • There is no Don't Pass or Don't Come betting area (no "wrong way" bettors)
  • There is no betting against a number.
  • On the come out roll the 2, 3, and 12 are not automatic losers. If one of these numbers is rolled they become the point
  • On the come out roll a roll of 11 is not a winner. If an 11 is rolled it becomes the point.

The rules for Craps No More:

A roll of 7 on the comeout is a winner for the pass line. Once a point is established (which is anything other than a 7 in this game) then the pass line wins only if the point is rolled again. If a 7 is rolled before the point then the pass line loses.

You can bet additional monies once a point is established (called a free odds bet). These additional bets on the point are payed at "true odds" (meaning the casino has no advantage on the wager). Most places allow you to bet anywhere from 2 to 100 times your original bet once the point is established. Free odds wagers pay the same as in regular craps with the additional wagers on the 2,3,11, and 12 now available. The 2 and 12 pay 6-1 and the 3 and 11 pay out at 3 to 1.

As in regular craps, the player may make a place bet or buy bet on any of the numbers that gets paid if that number is rolled before the seven. These are paid out at a percentage somewhat lower than true odds.

Craps No More offers all the standard proposition and one roll bets of a standard Craps game. People insistant on losing their money quickly can bet on the hard ways or on the ridiculously low paying one roll bets on the 2,3,11, and 12, Field, Horn or Any Seven.

Many players like this game because there are no "wrong way" betters at the table that are betting against the pass-line. Everyone at the table is hoping for the same thing. Everyone wins together when the dice are hot.

The House Edge of Craps No More vs "regular" Craps

A standard Craps game has a house edge of 1.414% for a Pass Line better with no odds. I couldn't find any place on the internet that listed the house edge for Craps No More so I calculated the edge myself:

The probability of winning on the first roll is 1/6 or 16.667%

The probability table for the other points:

Point     %roll       win%     %r*w%
2	 2.778%    14.286%    0.397%
3	 5.556%    25.000%    1.389%
4	 8.333%    33.333%    2.778%
5	11.111%    40.000%    4.444%
6	13.889%    45.455%    6.313%
8	13.889%    45.455%    6.313%
9	11.111%    40.000%    4.444%
10	 8.333%    33.333%    2.778%
11	 5.556%    25.000%    1.389%
12	 2.778%    14.286%    0.397%
Total win% if point is est.= 30.642%

Now we combine the probability of winning on the first roll with the probability of winning if a point is established.
(16.667% + 30.642%=47.309%).

47.309% probability of winning
52.691% probability of losing (100%-win%)
-5.382% House Edge

This edge of 5.382% is much worse than the 1.414% edge offered by regular craps. This explains why the House Hold on this game is much higher. In a typical craps game the house hold is around 15% of the money bought into the table while the Craps No More hold has been closer to 45%. The house hold depends on a lot of other factors besides House Edge. It is affected by the amount of time a player stays at the game and on the speed of the game itself.

At casinos that offer 2 times odds the 5.382% house edge is lowered to ~2.01%. With 10 times odds the edge is lowered to ~.576% (Again I calculated these myself so help me out if these are wrong). This latter edge still beats most every other game in the casino except for the regular craps game, but you must remember to get this low of an edge you will have to wager 11 times the table minimum on each roll (which in most casinos in Missouri means $55). A very expensive game!

Craps No More "Optimal Strategy"?

The "optimal strategy" for this game (like all other casino games): DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME! Take whatever chips you have remaining and cash them in at the cashier cage. Craps No More is not a beatable game using any strategy over the long run (barring cheating).

If perhaps you should find yourself "forced" (by gunpoint or coercion) to play this game then the optimal strategy changes somewhat. To get the lowest house edge you should bet the minimum on the Pass Line and take the maximum free odds allowed.

By taking the maximum odds you limit the house edge but you increase the variance in your bankroll. If you also want to minimize the variance while maintaining the lowest house edge then you should just place bets on the Pass Line and skip the free odds bet.

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