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If you go to a PathMark grocery store, which are mostly in New Jersey and New York, you can go to a whole section of the store full of "No Frills" brand items.

No Frills is actually one notch below the store brand. Usually these are second quality foods, cleaning supplies and personal hygiene items. They have a distinctive white label with red and blue stripes on it, vaguely reminiscent of the Pathmark logo.

We used to buy No Frills a lot when I was a kid. Some of it actually wasn't all that bad. Some, things, however, like the bleach (which was only 3% sodium hypochlorite instead of the usual 5.25% that even the store brands would have,) was no good at all.

And, yes, before someone else says it, it is a lot like the food and beer and whatnot from Repo Man

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