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Dreamland Bar-B-Que is not much of a restaurant, unless you like ribs. The Original was founded by John "Big Daddy" Bishop across the street from a trailer park in Jerusalem Heights (near Tuscaloosa, Alabama.) It is home of, quite possibly, the best bar-b-que in the world.

There menu is very simple:

Not mentioned on the menu is the plain white bread they serve with every order. The ribs come on styrofoam plates with a handful of white bread (or if it's a large group, they just split the bag open from top to bottom and slap it on the table.) No frills seems to be the unwritten rule.* But don't let the simplicity fool you, like many places that specialize in just a few things, they do those things amazingly well. As the styrofoam cups, menus, and bibs like to point out: Ain't nothin' like 'em nowhere!

Dreamland has locations in Birmingham, Mobile, and of course the original in Tuscaloosa, and as crazy as it may seem, you can order Dreamland's world-famous ribs on the Internet. (More info at www.dreamlandbbq.com)

*The written rule:

Absolutely, Positively, Under any circumstances whatsoever...


            Thank you,
            The Management

This is posted in a neon sign near the entrance to Dreamland in Tuscaloosa (not the entire message, just "NO FARTING"). The Dreamland Bar-B-Que web site has an image of this sign on its "rules" page, framed as above.

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