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I want to say that I will try to visit someone in dreamland, and know that it would be less than frivolous. I wish that my dreams were programmable, to a point, only so that you might enter to them at some point without my urging. I just want it to be an easy thing, but it never can be.. dreamland is the strangest place.

Tonight, I will lay there and my thoughts will be with a few little things and then.. you, but that doesn't necessarily mean my dreams will reflect that. This is bothersome to a point.. oh to wake up with the thought of kissing your sweet lips, even if it were not reality in the traditional sense.

Little limes.. little lime'y.. so dreamy.

Gosh, little limes, what was I talking about last night when I wrote the first part of this? I'm a nut, a complete nut! I'd actually completely forgotten that I'd even written this node, that's how achingly tired I was.. I've some other stuff to put here, but that will come later.

I have tried countless times to force my "subconscious" into dreaming about various people, and it flat out does not work. Telling yourself what you want to dream about is an exercise involving the "conscious" mind, which is more or less shut down to recharge while you're sleeping. Dreams are nothing more than hallucinations; this is why, for example, if you have music playing in the background while you sleep, it will often be audible in your dreams, but usually you will think it is being sung by someone you are talking to, rather than something more reasonable, like a stereo system. Taking hallucinogens with your eyes closed is the same as dreaming.

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