"A Genuine Honky Tonk Rib Joint"

A excellent BBQ joint located in Rochester, NY and Syracuse, NY.

It was started by a couple of bikers that used to serve BBQ at various motorcycle shows. They opened the Syracuse location in 1989 and expanded to the Rochester location in 1998. They are true biker joints... there are pleanty of hogs in the parking lot, the waitresses are rude but spunky, and the alcohol flows freely. The Rochester location is a little tamer than Syracuse one. An old boss of mine used to stop everytime he had a business trip to Syracuse. He would make sure he had a change of clothes in the car, because he figured if he entered wearing a suit and tie he would be harassed by the regulars.

The biker atmosphere is fun, but it is the food that keeps people coming back. I would recommend: the Cuban Sandwich Platter (BBQ pulled pork, ham, swiss and garlic pickes), the Big Ass Pork Plate (lots of BBQ pulled pork and cornbread), or the Chicken and Ribs combo. Make sure you get the Bar-B-Que Beans as one of your sides.

Nearly every night there is a live blues band playing.

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