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More enjoyable versions of this food (such as B&M's) are packaged in a molasses based sauce. Some other flavors include brown sugar and maple syrup.

It should also be noted that beans often make a person fart a healthy amount... The subject of quite a few Maine joke's.

Although baked beans from a can are tasty, they are yet more tasty if one adds Worcestershire sauce, mustard (dijon), ketchup or barbeque sauce, wasabi, brown sugar, and two or three random things from the pantry and stirs said stuff into the beans before microwaving or stove-cooking or beanpot-baking the beans. Microwaving preserves more bean juice; on the stove top, the bean juice evaporates.

Bean pots rock.

If your can opener is busted, you could always prepare your own. Here is my grandmother's recipe:
Wash and pick over the beans, cover with 1 quart water and soak overnight.

Cook slowly until skins burst or until just tender, drain. Place half the beans in an earthenware bean pot or casserole. Bury part of the pork in the beans and add half of the combined seasonings. Lay the remaining beans and seasonings. Lay the remaining salt pork over the top. Add boiling water to cover.

Cover the baking dish and bake from 6-8 hours in slow oven (250-300 degrees F). If necessary, replenish water from time to time to keep beans from becoming too dry.

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