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"Either do something about it or quit your bitching. If you've already complained once and have been told no, you're done."
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I don't want to see the stream of consciousness crap that seems to have fallen into vogue here. That's just my opinion, and I will use my votes to make it known. I don't think people node for the ages when they give us extended brain farts.

Do you really want to know more about me, or do you just think you do because my online personality intrigues you? I tend to like the alter-ego idea of my online presence being a shadow of my real-world presence. My E2 work is unmistakably who I am, but it's surely not a complete picture. It can't be. It shouldn't be. (Okay, my e2 username is my network username at work, which is based on my real name. You could probably track me down with about 15 minutes of web investigation. If it means that much to you. . .)

Here's what I will allow you to know:

I was born one month after man landed on the moon. I'm married, and a big geek--at least metaphysically--in physical size I'm below average height.

I think Everything is cool becuase it simultaneously makes me feel smart and makes me feel dumb.

I work where I went to college. I don't know if this like shitting where you eat.

I'm largely self-indulgent in my bookmarks--a lot of it is stuff I wrote. Read it all, it's all good, in my opinion.

If you want to chat, you're welcome to /msg me. I will warn you, though, I'm not much of an random chatter--it's something I did when I first went online in 1987, and ever since have had little patience for, unless it's with people I already know in the real world. But for Everythingians, I may be willing to make an exception. . .

Writeups I've gotta do:

  • I fixed up the Styx writeup, but most of the albums aren't noded, as well as the songs. I also need to flesh out the nodes for the band members, which also means filling out the solo albums and such.
  • A north-to-south list of all New Jersey shore towns, with descriptions of their character, beach prices, activities, etc.
  • An (ordered list) of all the (Palm Pilot/Palm Computing) organizers, with detailed nodes for each one describing specs, features, etc.
  • More Rush albums need good writeups. Not much there.