An AOR band formed in 1976 by guitarist Mick Jones (formerly of Spooky Tooth) and keyboardist Ian McDonald (formerly of King Crimson). Jones and singer Lou Gramm wrote most of the songs, and the band's first album started the string of pop hits. Lou Gramm left in the late 1980s to do his own music, and although the band has released albums since then, they haven't been nearly as succesful.

Studio Records (not including live or greatest-hits albums):


Si te molestan por su acento o atuendo,
por sus términos raros para nombrar
lo que tú llamas con distintas palabras
emprende un viaje
          no a otro país
(ni siquiera hace falta)
a la ciudad más próxima

Verás como tú también eres extranjero.

José Emilio Pacheco


If they bother you for their accent or clothes
for the strange words they use to call
what you name with different terms
take a trip
          not to another country
(it is not actually necessary)
to the closest town

You will see that you too are a foreigner.

my translation

The United States is getting filled up with South Americans, France is experiencing immigration from North African countries, Australia has its share of Asian immigrants, Canada is the #1 destintation of entire world immigrants. The irony is, both poor and rich countries complain: "They only come here for our wealth".

Foreigners always created problems in society. France at one point in history would not allow Muslim imigrants to wear a head scarf, while Saudi would not allow western women to go out in public with out covering their head up.

When in Rome, be a Roman.

The fact is, there is'nt a single society that does not complain about foreigners. Countries complaining about foreigners should motivate its citizen to work hard and fill positions already occupied by foreigners.

For"eign*er (?), n.

A person belonging to or owning allegiance to a foreign country; one not native in the country or jurisdiction under consideration, or not naturalized there; an alien; a stranger.

Joy is such a foreigner, So mere a stranger to my thoughts. Denham.

Nor could the majesty of the English crown appear in a greater luster, either to foreigners or subjects. Swift.


© Webster 1913.

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