Snow was falling softly yesterday on my way home from work. Beautiful. It really was, although I noticed something I'd never noticed before. Snowflakes have shadows in the city. I could not remember having ever seen a snowflake shadow before. But there were lights everywhere coming home and suddenly the ground was rushing with dots of shadow and I was under attack ducking slipping running under millions of dive-bombing and smog-sickened snowflakes blazing slanted through softly falling darkness and fire and tribal city chants of industry and burning and street lamps shrieking until stumbling under my whisking hood I slowed, and stopped, and carefully scuffed my boots on the front step of my porch. Then into my home and my bed, in transformation, drifting warmly into gentle dreams... soaring through deep air, and landing softly in the embrace of piled snow.

Let me know when you're going, I'd love to come.

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