I think I must have slipped into drunken sleep (you know the kind - hands thrust out to the side, mouth open), because when I woke up everyone was snoring and my blanket had been stolen by the sneaky girl on the floor. I guess I could have taken it back, but she looked so peaceful there, curled up like a little kitten, soft and playful. And I knew she would have gouged my eyes out if I had even thought about it. An only child in every sense of the word.

So I moved to the other room where there was at least a dog to keep me warm. The room with the big windows facing the street. I fell asleep with my face all squished up against the crack of the couch like I wanted to fall in, because I can't fall asleep unless something is touching me or vice versa.

When I next opened my eyes the sun was rising above the street outside, just a little, not quite at the point of being light yet. Instead of sleeping I turned over and watched it spill onto the horizon. Even though the room was still spinning a bit I could see everything. The light, the illuminated pavement, the clouds looking like they were about to break with orange.

I'm glad she stole my blanket. I'd rather be naked anyway, in a relative sort of way.

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