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The Bleem! company closed down on November 18, 2001. To their website they left a crying Sonic the Hedgehog, standing by gravestone and holding a flower.

The products they made included Bleem! and Bleemcast, the Playstation emulators for Windows PCs and Dreamcast, respectively.

It was widely held as fact that the emulator, while it was the first one to emulate PSX adequeately, was not actually that great. To its credit, it must be said that they did what was thought to be more or less Pretty Hard at that time. The program was also mostly written in hand-optimized Assembly, which increased its coolness factor. The unfortunate fate of the company was due to bugs, bad marketing methods, and last but definitely not least, the Sony's legal department that kept breathing to their necks.

Luckily, there are other Playstation emulators out at the time (I've heard of a program called ePSXe that's said to be good). It was nice that others found the inspiration =)

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