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One of a weekly series of maps that Blizzard created as a downloadable add-on for its Starcraft/Brood War games from 1998 to 2000. Maps created prior to December 11, 1998 were included in a WebMaps folder with the Brood War expansion. Late in 2000, Blizzard changed the schedule of maps from one per week to one per month, then discontinued the program entirely in May, 2001 after having produced a total of 139 extra maps.

Many of these maps included special triggers and functionality, such as Moebius, which used teleportation beacons to create a looping effect, or Bazaar, which allowed players to buy uprated "hero" units from stores in the center of the map. One of the last few maps to be produced was the Survivorish Last One Standing, in which players competed in contests and then voted each other off of the server.

Although the maps were, for the most part, quite well-designed , clever, and sometimes very funny, relatively few people on BattleNet ever seemed to download them regularly. This could be a source of great download time frustration when a map required a large number of players.

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