Pen name for French graphic artist Jean Giraud. Did lots of work for the French magazine Metal Hurlant, much of which found its way into its American counterpart, Heavy Metal. His most famous piece is The Incal Light (starring John DiFool). There's an arcade in San Francisco's Metreon designed around his artwork called The Airtight Garage (another one of his stories). He also designed the sets for the very silly Luc Besson film "The Fifth Element." Big fan of American westerns, as evidenced by many of his storylines. Did a really killer album cover for Jimi Hendrix's Voodoo Soup.
has lots more info.

Editorial decision.

There are four ways of writing the name of the mathematician and the things named after him: Mobius, Moebius, Möbius, and Möbius.

Unfortunately the E2 search and hardlink mechanism does not recognize o and ö as the same letter, and of course oe will not match either. And HTML entities like ö should never be used in node titles. So I have decided the best compromise is to use plain O, and move all relevant write-ups across to the plain-O title.

If in due course the search mechanism is improved, it will be possible to give Herr Möbius and all his works the umlaut they deserve.

-- Gritchka

Of course this does not apply to nodes in which some other spelling is part of a different proper name, as in the graphic artist noded above.

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