Shiver that way, baby-

Ohhhh, yeah, let's see it-

Make us want it-

Make us need it-

Watch to-nite in a SPECIAL ENGAGEMENT as Curli McRibbon demonstrates her CROWDPLEASING specialty! Men only, folks, men only! Lock up the kiddies and leave the wife home, because this is no ordinary burlesque! No, sirree...Curli's got just what you need! She's got what the other strippers don't...she has a SHAPE, boys and men, yessirree...a shape in...

the Third Dimension!

Sure, these Moebius strippers everyone raves about are rather shapely; but I find the whole scene rather one-sided and more than a little twisted. And don't even get me started on those perverted Klein twins... bottles are for drinking, girls, not that. Give me a good old-fashioned Oriental orientable surface slowly uncovering her simple closed curves any day; that's what keeps this Flatlander happy.

I saw the travelling Moebius Stripper show in New York. The crowd was apprehensive as the very attractive stripper appeared on the stage, clad in a clingy outfit with a big zipper down the front, continuing between her thighs all the way around up her back. She teased the audience with her undulations and mysterious ways. When she started to unzip herself the crowd chanted and moved closer, expectant and thrilled.

The stripper moved the zipper a little bit at a time, prolonging the pregnant air of sweaty anticipation. Groans and sharp inhalations punctuated the click-click of the zipper as it slowly unlocked its teeth, exposing what was sure to be a delightful vision, to be treasured with eyes closed during future lovemaking with wives and girlfriends.

The zipper passed between her thighs over her pubic bone. She reached back with her other hand, grasping the tab and pulling slightly faster. The click-click became a solid drone as she accelerated through the end of the zipper. The crowd pushed further towards the stage, their collective breath held for one infinite moment.

The moebius stripper was still clothed. She was twice as tall as before. The collective exhale was followed by disappointed diatribe.

If you cut a moebius strip down the middle, you end up with one long loop. Our attention was distracted from this fact by the curves of her figure and the twist of the manager's mind.

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