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"Blood and Tears" is perhaps my favorite Sentenced song. It is off of their excellent cd The Cold White Light.

It opens with a quiet intro which then breaks into the main riff of the song with a solo guitar going over introducing the melodic hook. We then reach the verse in which the distortion is no more and we have a complicated riff going under neath Ville's impassioned vocals. The chorus is perfection, with one of the most catchy and wonderful melodies and sound I have heard.

The lyrics are by guitarist Lopakka, and are resigned to life. "What is it that we're waiting for? Looking forward to, preparing for?" the song asks in the bridge. Earlier they tell even more truth, "we'll loose the things we've fighted for, each rise is followed by a fall, We'll loose the ones we love, the ones we most adore, yet go on... we go on." The message is like that of one who has lost a loved one or close friend. We must go on, even though we doubt everything. It's resigned, yet the fire that the band plays the song with shows the fighting spirit contained in sections of the song.

This is one of the few songs I would call perfect. Not that it always makes sense, but it always has a mood and a feel throughout. It is a great song with one of the greatest hooks I have ever heard. Of course this is also off one of my favorite records, so I'm a bit pre-disposed to like it.

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