What happens when a bunch of depressed nihilistic guys decide to vent their rage through music? You get Blood For Blood, the hardest hitting, most antisocial band to ever hit any scene. Forged in the underground of the rock Mecca known as Boston, MA, Blood For Blood was a breath of fresh air to a stagnating local music scene. "We couldn't relate to anything that was going on in Boston at the time. We wanted to hear music about the shit we saw and faced everyday. We wanted to hear shit that was pissed off and mirrored the desparation that we felt in our lives. The scene at the time was a fashion show. The people sucked and the bands sucked so we started our own band and forged our own scene," said lead singer Erick "Buddha" Medina.

Their following consists of a bunch of loyal metalheads and freaks, with a penchant for crazy and often violent mosh pits. The band puts out a strong anti-society message with their music, but at the same time an acceptance in a society that doesn't like them and a brotherhood of the outcast, which they affectionatly refer to as the "Wasted Youth Crew." "We get letters from dudes in prisons in New York, Boston, Detroit and even Alabama, telling us that our shit gets them through and helps 'em face another day. It's fucked up but the band seems to have that kind of effect on people," says guitaist Rob Lind.

They started out as a slow and sludgy band, reminiscent of such bands as Black Sabbath, Type O Negative and Life Of Agony, although with darker lyrical content, if that's possible. Their first album, lovingly entitled Spit My Last Breath was released in early 1997 and setup the scene for what was to come.

Revenge On Society was the breakthrough album for this group of miscreants. The music was sped up a bit and maintained the hard heavy crunch that signified their sound on their first album. Covering such topics as insanity, alcoholism and of course, revenge on society. Not to mention the anti-wigger sentiments of Paper Gangsta, one of the best songs to blare while cruising suburbia. The pinnacle of this album is the anger-ridden Wasted Youth Crew containing the happy sing-a-long chorus of "Fuck you! Fuck you! And fuck society too!". If you have the pleasure of seeing this band live, they usually close their sets with this song (well, they did when I was in the scene, circa 1998) and for good reason. Their normally crazy pit became a bloody mess. It looked more like something out of Event Horizon more than anything else.

How to follow up an album with such power angst as Revenge? Easy, go punk. While not entirely punk in the truest sense of punk, BFB sped up their music on their third record, while maintaining the same gruff, nihilistic attitude. Living In Exile clocks in at just over 20 minutes of music, with two songs clocking it at over 4 minutes. Short, yet to the point. The album closes with their cover of Ace of Spades origionally performed by metal pioneers, Motorhead.

In 2001, BFB released their fourth album, Wasted Youth Brew, consisting of older tracks that never made it to album, demos, and songs performed live. This was followed up by Outlaw Anthems, released on January 15, 2002. I haven?t heard either of these two albums, so I can't really comment on them, but I'd imagine them to be in the same vein as thier previous releases. It's hard finding music local to Boston out in Ohio :^(

Discography time, you know you want it

Spit My Last Breath

1. Piss All Over Your Hopes and Dreams
2. Maldito
3. Can't Heal
4. Soulless
5. Fade
6. Spit My Last Breath
7. Jaded
8. Waiting for the Moment
9. Redemption Denied
10. Hurt You
11. Paper Gangster
12. Chaos (In Your Face
13. The Strain

Revenge on Society

1. Enter The Criminal Mind
2. Bitch Called Hope
3. Die Laughing
4. Wasted Youth Crew (My Kind Belong Nowhere)
5. All Fucked Up
6. Evil In The Brain
7. Revenge On Society
8. Ya Still A Paper Gangster
9. I Am The Enemy
10. My Time Is Yet To Come
11. Shut My Eyes Forever
12. Last Call...Fuck You

Livin' In Exile

1. No Tomorrow (Holdin' Court On The Eve Of The Apocolypse)
2. Cheap Wine
3. Eulogy For A Dream
4. Anywhere But Here (Maybe Someday)
5. Nothing For You
6. Livin? In Exile
7. Still Fucked Up
8. Ace Of Spades

Wasted Youth Brew

1. When The Storm Comes (I'll Stand Alone)
2. Goin' Down The Bar
3. No Friend Of Mine
4. All This & More
5. Intro
6. Spit My Last Breath
7. Can't Heal
8. Piss All Over Your Hopes And Dreams
9. Soulless
10. Hurt You
11. Chaos
12. Paper Gangster
13. Strain, The
14. Intro - (live)
15. Life
16. No Tomorrow - (live)
17. Bitch Called Hope - (live)
18. Cheap Wine - (live)
19. Piss All Over Your Hopes And Dreams - (live)
20. Maldito - (live, edit)
21. Soulless - (live)
22. Revenge On Society - (live)
23. Eulogy For A Dream - (live)
24. Nothing For You - (live)
25. Paper Gangster - (live)

Outlaw Anthems

1. Post Card From The Edge
2. Mother Dear
3. Ain't Like You (Wasted Youth II)
4. Dead End Street
5. White Trash Anthem
6. So Common, So Cheap
7. Tear Out My Eyes
8. Some Kind Of Hate
9. Love Song
10. Bloodshed
11. She's Still A Bitch (Called Hope)

Also a song by Machine Head on their first album Burn My Eyes. It is track 8.

I bite the hand cause this hands feeds off me
Devoid of emotion, it lives to cheat
Ignorance is bliss, and respect I gave you
Friend you did claim this
Too bad you can't speak the truth

Give respect
Cause the rule is blood for blood

Beatings are what you'll inherit this time
Fist bait, your new name
Your pain is my shrine
Pulverize and break
Pleasure I negate
Your pain brings me salvation

Give respect
Cause the rule is blood for blood

I was born to tension
Anger came from frustration
I can't back down from aggression
Some hard knocks taught me this lesson

Give respect
Cause the rule is blood for blood

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