If you meet a strange, confident woman, she may well be a witch. Truer words were probably never spoken but how do you know for sure? This is a question that has puzzled people for centuries. Witch Bottles have been unearthed in England. The Salem Witch Trials are a legendary piece of U.S. history but the question persists. Is she really a witch? Whatever the reason you suspect that someone is a night time broom rider you need a method to determine whether or not she is in fact a witch.

With the advent of Blue Canoe, founded in 1991 by CEO Laurie Dunlap, it has become increasingly difficult to spot true witches. The Blue Canoe company offers all women the opportunity to clothe themselves in naturally soft, handpicked, organic cotton fibers. Located in the redwood region of Northern California Blue Canoe gives women freedom from the mercerized cottons and synthetic fabrics so many other lingerie companies construct their foundation wear from.

Freedom is an important concept anywhere but it becomes absolutely essential when speaking of garments designed to cover the twin peaks that separate the boys from the girls and the women from those who have yet to bloom. A woman’s body is different from a man’s. At various points in time her body may become highly sensitized. Her body is constantly undergoing hormonal fluctuations and quite frankly the clothing closest to her should be able to transition from early morning yoga to her arrival at work, to a night out with that very special someone.

The Blue Canoe credo is simple. Comfort should be pretty and colorful. Blue Canoe garments are colored with earth friendly dyes that have a low environmental impact making products from this company even more attractive to those women who are desperately seeking a healthier, greener lifestyle. Which brings me back to witches. Naturally some witches have been more abundantly endowed than those women who choose to live independently of the coven. Some of these women who seek the secrets witches possess may try to imitate those witchy women they come across.

For years witches have known that smart, comfortable undergarments allow her to go about her daily activities confident in the knowledge that her choice has been an environmentally sound one. It’s common knowledge that female ninjas find the brassiere a handy hiding spot for garrote wire. The One-Boobed Systers of the Apocalypse have something special inside of their bras. Many brave women who have undergone or are undergoing chemotherapy and or radiation treatment need something to wear that is incredibly soft, supportive and the fewer chemicals they are exposed to the better.

I have a twenty-nine year old sister who has a three-inch scar across her left breast. Fortunately her tumor was benign but the emotional roller coaster she rode on the way to that discovery was not a very pleasant one. Female breasts are often talked about but seldom supported effectively. This is one of the areas where I feel that Blue Canoe could improve. While they are a relatively new company I feel that they could be offering a wider variety of styles for women of all shapes and sizes whether they are witches or not.

On the whole I find Blue Canoe products to be everything the company claims they are. Comfortable, competitively priced and manufactured with cotton that has been sustainably grown and harvested. Blue Canoe clothing can be worn from one venue to another. It’s suitable for layering. It’s feminine, flattering and consumers can feel confident knowing that their choice has been an earth friendly one.

We all know witches. Witches are those women you meet and you’re not sure what it is about them but you know that woman is someone special. Maybe it’s the way she walks. It could be that the things she says make you stop and think. Perhaps it’s that indescribable, indefinable feeling you get just from being with her that makes you suspect her of witchery. It could be je ne sais quoi, it could be that she has finally discovered the simple, beautiful freedom that comes from wearing intimates that fit and flow over her body the way she needs them to. She may be a non-witch covered in Blue Canoe seeking to emulate the cool, confident mannerisms modern day witches possess. It could be nothing more than her lingerie but only when she sets her Blue Canoe aside will you know for sure.

Blue Canoe. For the women who know: There is no taming your inner witch. www.bluecanoe.com

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