A novel by Terry Southern. It chronicles the escapades of an art film director who decides to shoot an "artful" porn film. A wildly funny novel, it skewers Hollywood pretensions and presents a hilarious parody of Stanley Kubrick. It also contains some of the best sex scenes ever written.

She resumed in earnest, Boris fondling both nipples, squeezing them hard, and she reacting more ravenously the harder he squeezed. When he started to come, he let go of her nipples and took her head in his hands, holding it and pulling it to him, wanting to come as deep inside her famous, beautiful mouth as possible, to explode against the very back of her virgin throat. And she devoured it, gulping and sucking as in some insatiable desperation, until every last drop was drained--and Boris, in a state of collapse, weakly pushed her head away.

"Wow," he murmured.

Arabella looked up at him, her huge eyes shimmering, happy knowing she had pleased. "Hmm," her pink tongue moved around her glistening lips, "it's strange, I always thought there would be more of it."

"Well...it's very rich."

"Oh, it's fantastic, it tastes so...I don't know, so alive."

from Blue Movie, by Terry Southern

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