• Born in 1950
  • Weight:242 lbs
  • Height: 6'1"
  • www.backlund2000.com

Bob attended North Dakota State University where he started his wrestling career. In 1971 he won the National Divison 2 190 lb. Amateur Championship. In 1974 he began his professional wrestling career when he joined the American Wrestling Association, and four years later (after winning many NWA titles across multiple states) he began wrestling for the WWF. In the same year, 1978, Bob Backlund defeated Billy Graham for the WWF World Heavyweight Championship.www.wrestlingmuseums.com

He held the title for almost six years. This was unheard of. Backlund was a powerhouse of ethics and the cross-face chicken wing. Ironic only because, despite his clean-cut personality, he inspired children all across America to cross-face each other in their backyards. Yes... it hurts.

After his first unprecedented streak, Bob lost the title to the Iron Sheik at Madison Square Garden. Under the Sheik's famous Camel Clutch, Backlund's manager threw in the towel and he forfeited the title.

He really should have lost the title when Antonio Inoki defeated him in Japan (1979), but the WWF refused to acknowledge the title change and no one argued. www.wrestlingmuseums.com

Well the final devastating blow to the first half of his career was the beginning of the Hulk Hogan era of wrestling. The WWF was revamping their image and Backlund was just too nice. After a ten year absence, Bob returned to the ring, and at the Survivor Series 1994, he defeated Bret Hart with the cross-face chicken wing and reclaimed his World Heavyweight Championship. He was 45 years old. His next streak lasted until later that year, when he lost it again, this time to Diesel. In 1995 he tried to market himself by claiming to run for President of the United States, but after a short stint with duhn-duh-DUHHHHN!!! the IRON SHEIK, team managing a "re-packaged" wrestler named Sultan, Backlund ended his career for the final time. In the last years Bob has been trying to campaigning for a position in Connecticut's Congress. Hey, Bob! Cross-face the Governor for me.

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