Bret Hart is a professional wrestler. He is part of the legendary Hart wrestling family, one of Stu Hart and Helen Hart's many sons.

He has said that he wanted to be just about anything other than a professional wrestler, but as with everyone else in the Hart family, he was sucked in. He was trained by his father Stu in the family basement--also known as The Dungeon--and after finishing school he went to work in the promotion owned and run by his father, Calgary Stampede.

There, he honed his skills and first started wearing the sunglasses that soon became his trademark. He began wearing them, ironically enough, to hide his stage fright. That quickly passed, but the sunglasses remained.

After working for Stampede for several years and touring Japan's wrestling leagues for several more, he was picked up in the early 1980s by the World Wrestling Federation. He started there as one half of a tag team, the Hart Foundation, alongside Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart. A heel team, they antagonized crowds to no end during their successful run capped by their lengthy run as the WWF's tag team champions.

The two eventually parted ways to facilitate Bret pursuing his singles career (now as a babyface) in the late 1980s. Bret won the WWF Intercontinental Championship in 1991 from Mr. Perfect (Curt Hennig) and proceeded to hold that belt for most of the following year.

Bret's rise to fame didn't stop there, as he was pushed to the main event in late 1992, winning the WWF Championship for the first time on 10/12/92 from Ric Flair. He would go on to have five runs as WWF Champion between 1992 and 1997, never straying far from the top of the card.

He turned heel for the first time in roughly six years at Wrestlemania 13, executing a double turn with Stone Cold Steve Austin. He said that American fans had turned their backs on him by starting to boo such anti-heroes as Austin. He remained a babyface in Canada and Europe, as he developed a pro-Canada schtick to go with his anti-America one.

Bret left the WWF under very odd circumstances, having signed with World Championship Wrestling and then legitimately screwed out of the WWF Championship (a title he still held as his contract with the WWF expired) at Survivor Series '97. For more information about that particular incident, see The Montreal Incident. He debuted in WCW soon after, but a combination of nagging injuries and bad booking ensured that Bret never really succeeded there--he switched between babyface and heel more times than I can even list. He last surfaced in late 1999 for a short run with the nWo, but left soon after due to chronic head inuries and has not been seen in a squared circle since.

He still harbors an almost inhuman hatred towards Vince McMahon because of what happened in Montreal, bashing him at every single opportunity for betraying his trust and being a complete sleazeball. Bret has also gone so far as to blame McMahon for the death of his brother, Owen Hart, who died in a WWF ring in 1999.

In early 2002, Bret suffered a stroke and has undergone a lengthy recovery. At this time (January 2003), he can only walk with assistance. His stroke spurred Vince McMahon into wanting to reconcile with Bret, and the two have spoke in person on a couple of occasions now. The two have come to at very least a truce regarding their former problems.

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