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Tom "Dynamite Kid" Billington formed one-half of the WWF tag team British Bulldogs back in the 1980s (the other member being Davey Boy Smith). Kid's career, however, spans back to the 70s in England, then to the late 70s in Calgary, Canada, as a trainer and wrestler under Stu Hart. He met Smith in England and took him under his wing as somewhat of an adopted little brother, getting him a job in Canada after he gained some success there. Together, they wrestled in Japan, Calgary, and of course the WWF. He was an excellent worker and helped make stars out of many other tag-teams, while himself becoming a tag-team champion.

Kid has an excellent autobiography out, titled "Pure Dynamite", a publication of the Wrestling Observer. The book details his life from England through mid 2001, and is a stark portrayal of the punishment, both physical and chemical, that wrestlers put themselves through to make their careers. Kid's steroid abuse started in his Calgary days -- since he was smaller than the average wrestler, without a massive physique there was no way he'd go over. High-flying moves and constant bumps during matches resulted in injuries from which he developed a pain-killer addiction. Today, Billington is confined to a wheelchair, his body destroyed by steroids and cortizone.

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