Former wrestler with the WWF. He first rose to prominience in the late eighties in the tag team The Rockers with Marty Jennetty. He made a quick heel turn, during which he superkicked his former partner through a glass window, and became "The Boy Toy" Shawn Michaels, as managed by Sheri Martel. He soon turned on Sheri, and gained the nickname "The Heartbreak Kid." Over time, he would develope fueds and friendships based not only on angles, but also on real life heat: his friendship with Kevin Nash (Diesel) and his poor relationship with Bret Hart, for instance. His series of ladder matches with Scott Hall (Razor Ramon), are some of the best WWF matches of the period, and his Iron Man match with Bret Hart at Wrestlemania is also a modern classic. Late in his career, as the WWF was getting beaten badily by WCW Shawn took too widely publicised and criticised vacations from the sport, claiming to have 'lost his smile.' Soon thereafter, he returned to his heel roots, and formed, with fellow clique member Triple H, D-Generation X. Shawn was part of a fiasco involving Bret Hart 'getting screwed' out of his world title and leaving the WWF. After taking a bad shot from The Undertaker in a casket match, Shawn's back was injuried to the point at which any further wrestling would have been a danger to his life. He dropped the belt to Stone Cold Steve Austin at Wrestlemania 13, was knocked out by Mike Tyson and subsequently retired.

3 time former WWF Heavyweight Champion
3 time former WWF Intercontinental Champion
2 time former WWF Tag Team Champion*
1 time former WWF European Champion

*Three time, if you include an unrecognized, untelevised match wherein the Rockers defeated the Hart Foundation.

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