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And we're LIVE from Indianapolis, Indiana on April 5, 1992, and your hosts are Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan.

Match 1: Tito Santana v. Shawn Michaels. This was only a few months after Michaels' turn on Marty Janetty to break up The Rockers and launch Shawn's career. Michaels is still being managed by Sensational Sherri (Martel) at this point. Santana was very near the end of his time with the WWF, and so he gets fed to Michaels to build him up. Santana is in full "El Matador" mode here, but we don't talk about that in polite company. Michaels takes the match after reversing an attempted slam.

Match 2: Jake Roberts v. The Undertaker. Undertaker had recently turned babyface for the first time since entering the WWF. This is a squash. Roberts' run as a heel didn't draw at all, and this was the end of it as 'Taker wins easily to put Jake out of his misery.

Match 3: Rowdy Roddy Piper v. Bret Hart for the WWF Intercontinental Championship. Hart was supposed to win the IC belt from The Mountie at Royal Rumble '92, but he got injured a few days before hand and had been substituted for by Piper. So, a recovered Hart meets Piper here for the belt. Hart and Piper play the "Who can tease a heel turn more?" game the entire match, and the crowd goes absolutely bonkers trying to figure out what's going to happen. Bret regains the IC strap after reversing a sleeper attempt. Piper teases a heel turn for the forty-ninth time after the match, but they end up doing the Babyface Embrace instead. Terrific match!

Match 4: The Nasty Boys & Repo Man & The Mountie v. Jim Duggan & Sgt. Slaughter & Virgil & Big Bossman. The best thing in this match is when it's announced over the public address system that Shawn Michaels had left the building, a take-off of the "Elvis has left the building" announcement. This match sucks.

Match 5: Ric Flair v. Randy Savage for the WWF Championship. After Savage was announced as the Wrestlemania challenger for Flair's belt, Ric played mind games with Savage for MONTHS, claiming that he had been with Elizabeth before Savage and she still had feelings for him. This is in the middle of the card because Hulk Hogan insisted on hogging the main event for himself even though he wasn't wrestling for any belt. A really, really good match that sees Flair wipes the floor with Savage and cheats at every single opportunity. Savage wins the match and the title out of nowhere, rolling up Flair with a handful of tights for the pinfall. Savage would stick around for two more years, but this was his last great match. He celebrates his second run as WWF Champion to a great reaction from the crowd.

—Flair gives an absolutely psycho (in a good way) interview along with Mr. Perfect and Bobby Heenan, obsessing over Savage's pulling of the tights even though he broke the rules himself a zillion times.

Match 6: Rick Martel v. Tatanka. Feh. I believe Tatanka was still undefeated at this point. He's fed plucky veteran Martel to build him up, winning easily.

Match 7: Money, Inc. v. The Natural Disasters for the WWF Tag Team Championship. Pure filler; the Disasters get a meaningless count-out victory after only a few minutes.

Match 8: Owen Hart v. Skinner. More filler. This was before Hart had done anything of note in the federation. He wins with a roll-up after only two or three minutes.

Match 9: Hulk Hogan v. Sid Justice. Hogan and Sid are friends, Hogan gets betrayed, Hogan gets his revenge at Wrestlemania. Sound familiar? It only happened every single year from 1985-1993. Papa Shango runs out to help Sid out midway through the match, and the two of them kick the snot out of Hogan until the Ultimate Warrior—who hadn't been seen for MONTHS—runs in to make the save. The two pose in the ring, and that's all she wrote.

A great Wrestlemania with two terrific matches and nothing really awful aside from a few bizarre filler matches. And, the surprise ending is pretty cool to watch even today (even if it didn't end up leading to anything important). This is also notable for being the first "short match" Wrestlemania, as it went from Wrestlemania VII and all the ones before it having 13-15 matches to this show and all the ones following it having 9 or 10 matches with increased time being given to each match.

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