Sgt. Slaughter is the professional wrestling persona of a former real life military drill instructor. His main outfit consisted of a whistle and a Smokey the Bear looking hat. He was once the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) Champion.

Sgt. Slaughter was also made into a G.I. Joe action figure. He was most likely a Marine Corps drill instructor as his filecard for G.I. Joe said his birthplace was Parris Island, SC and his first words are Semper Fi and they called him a jarhead. I remember one figure only being available only by mail. You could also buy the Sgt. Slaughter's Triple-T tank at the store. He was the first celebrity immortalized by Hasbro. He voiced his own character and did some promo/intro work for some of the cartoons.

Currently there is a Sgt. Slaughter Celebrity Golf Invitational, which benefits the St. Jude Children's Hospital. Yo Joe!

Byzantine reports that the Smokey the Bear looking hat actually is called a campaign hat. Cool. Thanks!

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