Parris Island, South Carolina, is a major United States Marine Corps Recruit Depot, designated as such in 1915.  It has been training young men (and women, after 1949, in the 4th Recruit Training Battalion) in preparation for service in the Marine Corps ever since.

46,000 recruits graduated Parris Island during World War I.

204,509 recruits were trained at Parris Island between 1941-1945 for service in World War II.

138,000 recruits were trained there for service in the Korean War.

200,000 recruits trained there during the Vietnam War.

Parris Island became perhaps most famous, though, for providing the setting for the first half of Full Metal Jacket, Stanley Kubrick's 1987 masterpiece.

Today, Parris Island provides Marine training for all male Marines east of the Mississippi River and all female Marines nationwide.  About 19,000 Marines are trained at Parris Island each year.

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