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Bob Mover is one of the most incredible jazz saxophone players alive today. He currently (as of August 2002) resides in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and spends his time recording, performing and teaching the specifics of jazz saxophone and the generalities of jazz theory. His teaching style is unparalleled and he truly gives the impression that he simply knows everything there is to know about jazz.

Bob plays excellent piano and also makes a very impressive vocalist. In everything he does, the jazz comes through with perfection.

As a jazz improvisor, Bob posesses depth and complexity in the style of a modern bebop player created so beautifully by Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie and others. He truly brings this esoteric artform to life in ways that haven't been heard in decades. True bebop artists have to have a deep grasp of the complexities of chord substitution, alternate changes, key centres, superimposed structures and a whole load of alternate realities that the average player, and listener has not spent decades to understand. Bob posesses this knowledge to the level of a god.

And I'm pretty damned happy he teaches me :)

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