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Bob and George has gone from a 'little known online comic' to a thriving community with many fanpages and is ranked 24th on the Top 100 Comic Strip Sites ( http://www.topsitelists.com/bestsites/comicstrip/topsites.html )

It uses mainly 16-bit MegaMan sprites with occasional story arcs in the 8-bit games. At the time of writing they are doing an arc of MegaMan 3. Originally, the comic was going to be a drawn comic, however, David Anez (the author), started a sprite comic with MegaMan et al while he was getting ready for the drawn comic.

And when the drawn comic started, much later than scheduled, it wasn't good. The BnG community requested that the sprite comics be restarted. And they were. Then months, later, he started the drawn comics again. This was in an attempt to match the comic to it's name, as Bob and George were the two main characters from the drawn version. Once again, the BnG community wanted the sprite comic back. And he relented and modded two MegaMan characters into a Bob character and a George Character, thus introducing Bob and George into the Sprite comic. Since then, the BnG community has grown and grown. There are over 1000 registered users on the forums alone, with many more who use the chatroom and not the forums.

And remember, there are NO PLOTHOLES.

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