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Willem Dafoe’s character in David Lynch’s movie Wild at Heart. Sailor (Nicolas Cage) and Lula (Laura Dern) encounter Bobby Peru in the small town of Big Tuna Texas. Bobby, with his rotting teeth and enflamed gums befriends the two late one night in the courtyard of a small run-down motel. He presents himself as a bad-ass with manners but shows the institutionalization and schizophrenia that he attained in 'Nam'. Bobby also unveils his deranged sexual psychosis when he joins the set of a ‘Texas Style’ Porn movie being shot a few doors down in the motel and later when he abuses Lula with a psychotic episode.

Some quotes that any Lynch fan could easily recite.

Bobby: Names, Bobby Peru, Just like the country.

Sparky: Hey Bobby, have yourself another glass ‘a Jack.
Bobby: Don’t mind if I fuckin’ do… Speakin’ ‘a Jack… One-eyed Jack’s yearnin’ to go a peepin’ in a seafood store…

Bobby: Y’all take a listen - here a deep sound comin’ down from Bobby Peru.

Bobby: Bobby Peru doesn’t come up for air.

Bobby: Like taking candy from a fuckin’ Baby.

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