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Irish folk band whose bluesgrass origins show through playing out of Peoria, IL, the Zukes tap the root of drinking music. They make me believe in genetic memory. The first time I heard the Zukes, I knew their songs by heart. I'd never heard them play a note before, but I've got a few ancestors from Ireland. They knew this stuff. When I heard them, I knew it also. The music felt close to me. Something in my bones knew it.

Anyhoo, the Zukes are a five piece band. They play probably 15 instruments between them. They've got a bluegrass tinge that makes you wanna holler "YeeHAW!" occasionally when they're jamming. Most of the band played in bluegrass and country outfits in their younger days.

The Bogside Zukes are your best bet for decent music should you find yourself in Peoria, IL. Check them out on the first Tuesday of every month at Jimmy's Bar... Try not to spill your pint as you accompany the band banging the glass on the table.

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